Milestone of Udaan

Milestone of Udaan

1992 : Birth of UDAAN

1994 : Registered as Non profit trust ; Foundation for Spastic and mentally Handicapped Persons.

2000 : Recognized by Ministry of social justice, Govt of India as a project for education and training of severely multiple handicapped children.

2001 : Pioneered introduction of HBOT in brain damaged children

2006 : Initiated Biochemical testing for Children with Autism and need based dietary and micro nutrient support.

2006 : Introduced low pressure hyperbaric therapy in India to treat children with brain damage.

2007 : Organized NR2CON, an international conference covering all aspects of neurodevelopmental disabilities, attended by more than 600 deligates and presented by 7 international authorities and almost 20 national authorities as speakers.

2007 : Initiated mild HBO for children with autism

2010 : Dr. Mukherjee was awarded Hyperbaric Doctor of the year at the 7th International symposium on HBOT, California.

2012 : First Indian Doctor to complete 1st & 2nd training module of Medical Academy of Pediatric Special needs ( MAPS ) from U.S.A.

2013 : Initiated Autism Hour, a free monthly internet based interactive conference on one important topic on Autism, conducted by a world authority, with Dr. Mukherjee on the Specialist Panel as one of the coordinators.

2013 : MB12 double blind randomized controlled clinical trial in autism affected children initiated.

History of udaan

History of UDAAN


Mrs.Shubhra, (wife) Principal, UDAAN centre

Dr. Arun Mukherjee, Medical Consultant & Administrator, FSMHP-UDAAN

Aparajita, (daughter) Commercial artist and Creative Designer (Event Management)

Dhriti, (daughter) Ex-Special Educator at UDAAN

Ina, our late pet doggie, favorite playmate of many a disabled child

FSMHP-UDAAN started 20 years ago from the drawing room of its founder trustees, and by sheer determination and dedication, has achieved National and International level recognition for its work with Cerebral Palsy and autism children: the most difficult group to manage.

Mrs. Shubhra Mukherjee, is the very heart and soul of UDAAN. It is because of her unusual love for children, irrespective of their looks, caste, creed, religion, background and economic status, that this center came into being and dedicated her life to their happiness.

We could not have sustained this effort had it not been for the whole hearted help and co-operation extended by their two daughters, Dhriti (on the left) and Aparajita (holding on to our doggie, Ina: a favourite playmate of many of our kids.). Indeed, I can say that FSMHP is a Mukherjee family mission, started not out of any religious or pious feeling but just because it was great fun, which it still continues to be.

UDAAN is the main activity centre of a non-profit trust: Foundation for Spastic and Mentally Handicapped Persons (FSMHP) ®. It was registered as Trust in April 1994, and with the Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment, Govt. of India in March 2000.

UDAAN is a Hindi language word that means Flight. It symbolizes the flight of the freedom from the confines of disabilities: a trait that we try to inculcate in the heart of these children.