Summary: Home Page for PARIVAAR, the national organization of organizations in India working towards the help, rehabilitation, and dignity of life of the neurologically handicapped persons in India. Last updated March 30, 2008


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C 4/5, S.D.A. I Floor, Opp. IIT Main Gate, New Delhi ~ 110 016, Tel: 26964379
Registered under the Societies Act 1860 Regn. No.S-30635 of 1996

J.P. Gadkari, 
President, Parivaar
C/o. KPAMRC, AMC Compound, Off :Hosur Road; Near Kiowai Memorial, Bangalore - 560029
Tel: 26563267, Telefax: 26564608 (0) 080-26769087, Email:
ABOUT PARIVAAR (Extracted from Parivaar News; 2008; Vol. XIII No. 1: Page 28-29)


PARIVAAR - NFPA was formed in the year 1995. It is a Federation of over 150 Parents Associations and NGOs in 27 States of India working for people with Mental Retardation, Autism, Cerebral Palsy and Multiple Disabilities. Parivaar is a grass - root level organization with 70 urban, 42 semi-urban and 38 rural parents associations.


Creation of awareness in the society to accept persons with Mental Retardation and other developmental disabilities as contributing members at par with others and with their inclusion in every sphere of life.


Advocacy on behalf of persons with mental retardation, cerebral palsy, autism and multiple disabilities to gain and protect their rights; lobbing for providing more concessions and schemes to improve their quality of life; securing the right for inclusive education to make them part of the mainstream and creating an environment for them to live independently to the extent possible in the community.



Since its inception PARIVAAR - NFPA has established its credibility with the Governments at the National & State level and in international forums.
It is the apex organization at the national level that speaks for the rights of persons with Mental Retardation, Autism, Cerebral Palsy and Multiple Disabilities and their families.
Parivaar is a full member of the Inclusion International, a world body of parents Associations of above disabilities in over 200 countries closely working with and its agencies.
PARIVAAR - NFPA ceaselessly fights for the rights of the mentally retarded and other developmentally disabled persons for job reservation, proper and effective implementation of all legislations and programs that have been undertaken by the Government through representation, lobbying and direct action.
In addition, PARIVAAR offers its member
associations and other interest groups:


Despite many good provisions in the legislations for the benefit of the disabled, the implementation of them by the Govt. agencies and autonomous bodies under the direct control of the Govt., is very tardy and slow. Despite constant efforts by Parivaar to bring about a change and offer its full cooperation to these agencies, not much has been done. Parivaar, therefore, has to redouble its efforts to bring about synergy between all stakeholders and the desired change for the benefit of persons ‘with these disabilities.
Parivaar will join hands with other disability organizations to campaign for implementing the provisions of the U.N. Convention on the protection of the Rights of persons with Disabilities which has been ratified by the Government of India.


PARIVAAR-NFPA and Inclusion International signed a historic agreement on 14, May 2000, named ‘Parent Mobilization Action Group India’ (PMAG India). A three-year joint venture to promote, support and strengthen vital programs of PARIVAAR - NFPA which has been renewed for another 3 years till May 2006.
The joint venture has helped Parivaar
- NFPA to implement many of its programs and strengthen itself organizationally. After six years it was mutually agreed by inclusion international and Parivaar not to renew the agreement.


Parivaar has now entered into a partnership agreement with CBM International (SARO-N) for a period of five years for the states in Southern India from 2007 and Parivaar is negotiating for a similar agreement with CBM International (SARO-N) for northern states. In the meantime, CBM (SARO-N) is providing ad-hoc grants for implementing Parivaar programs in Northern region of the country.
Some of the major programs Parivaar is implementing under this partnership agreement are:


List of Office bearers as per election held on 7/12/2007


1. Mr. J P Gadkari President

21. NIT. L K Malaviya Member

2. Mr.S.C. Pant Vice-President

22. Ms. A Vijaylakshmi Member

3. Mr. B Rama Joga Rao Vice-president

23. Mr. D Krishna Kumar, Member

4. Mr. Sribas Dhar Vice-President

24. Mr. K Balakrishna Rao Member

5. Mr. Ajoy Kumar Jena, Vice-President

25. Mr. Tapan Ghosh Member.

6. Dr. R.G. Gokhale. Vice-President

26. Mr. N P Chakravarti Member

7. Col V K Goutam Vice-President

27. Mr. P K Mishra Member

8. Mr. Anil U Joshi General Secretary

28.  Mr. N Sengupta Member

9. Ms. Mukesh Dua Joint Secretary

29. Mrs. Subangini. Sahoo Member

10. Mrs. Ranoo Banerjee Jt. Secretary

30. Mr. H P Sharma Member

11.Mr. S Suresh Treasurer

31. Mr. Samarasapandian Member

12. Ms. Shanta Aggarval Zonal Secretary

32. Ms.. P. R Shirke Member

13. Mrs. Parvathi Vishwanath Zonal Secretary

33. Mr. Shankar Raman Member

14. Mr. Hemant Goswami Zonal Secretary

34. Ms. Zokhurni Vankung Member

15. Ms. Belbora Wankhar Zonal Secretary

35. Mr. N Krishnamurthy Member

16. Mrs. Iona Kundu Zonal Secretary

36. Mr. E V Shashidharan Pillai Member

17. Mr. Vishnu Prasad D. Patel Zonal Secretary

37. Mr. Phillip Simon Member

18. Mr. Bhal Korgaonkar Member

38. Mr. Jai Vittal Member

19. Ms. Swati Gokhale Member

39. Mr. Rishi Kant Khare Member

20. Mr. Amarjeet Singh Anand Member


1. Dr. L Govinda

2. Dr. Shanti Auluk

3. Dr. H T Dholakia

4. Dr. S Swain

5. Mr. Ajin Kumar Sen


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