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UDAAN is engaged in doing Paediatric Neurological studies since 2001 and our Regenerative intervention is one such research effort to help the patient to manage the disorders and to increase the quality of life. We have been conducting regenerative intervention under stringent conditions in partnership with a cGMP and cGMP compliant research group. Our detailed protocols on Regenerative Intervention as Humanitarian Pilot Case Studies under Para 35 of Helsinki Protocol regarding in various neurological disorders have been already submitted to the Government Health Agencies for further evaluation. Our research efforts aim to further understanding, development, and subsequent clinical transfer of novel therapies to regenerate damaged tissues and organs, using regenerative medicine.

Note :

The regenerative intervention is experimental. Hereby we suggest that please do refer the guidelines of the Indian Council of Medical Research ( before deciding in favour of trying out Regenerative Medicine.

Regenerative Research efforts by Udaan

  • In Autism
  • In Cerebral Palsy
  • In Stroke
  • In Hypoxic Brain Injury
  • In Critical Limb Ischemia
  • In Muscular Dystrophy

The Future

Stem cells are a future form of medicine, to augment and reinforce natural repair and regeneration of damaged body parts.

A few bold adventurers are burning the midnight oil to study and dig out these answers, and starting to take the first hesitant steps into the exciting world of the future healing strategies. UDAAN is proud to be in that small but august company.

What is Regenerative Medicine?

Regenerative medicine is the science of repairing or replacing cells, tissues and organs that have been damaged by congenital defects, disease, trauma, or aging, and restoring their normal functions. Scientists worldwide are engaged in research activities that may enable repair of damaged heart muscle after a heart attack, replacement of skin for burn victims, restoration of movement after spinal cord injury, Brain cells repair and regeneration of pancreatic tissue to produce insulin for people with diabetes. Regenerative medicine promises to extend healthy life spans and improve the quality of life by supporting and activating the body’s natural healing.