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What is Sponsorship

Sponsoring Child with Autism is all about transforming lives and making a meaningful difference in the life of these excluded children! It is a beautiful relationship between you and your sponsored special child. Help a child from exclusion to inclusion, from dependence to independence and Self reliance. Your monthly Contribution provides things such as Assessment & Diagnosis, Treatment, Pre-vocational training and Special education.

Donate Now

Your donation to UDAAN will make a lasting difference in the lives of all children with mentally and physical challenged who are in grave need. Your generosity provides crucial assistance for children – children who face discrimination in every sphere of life and live in isolation. Your support is urgently needed.

The various Sponsorship schemes through which individuals or corporate houses can take care of a child are as follows:

      • 7000 per month includes alternative Counseling and Pre vocational training.
      • 6000 per month includes alternative Assessment & Diagnosis and Occupational Therapy
      • 6000 per month for alternative special education of children

When you decide to sponsor a child, you will receive:

      • Child’s profile with his/her picture and background story of your sponsored child.
      • Your sponsored child’s Annual Progress Report
      • All personal/corporate contributions are eligible for Tax exemption under section 80G of the Income Tax.
      • You will be able to keep in touch with your child though regular updates, letters and cards.
      • You can personally visit your sponsored child and interact with him/her.

UDAAN has voluntarily decided to adhere to best practices for the collection, use and disclosure of personal information as outlined in this policy.

You can help UDAAN through following ways:

      1. A) Child Sponsorship:
      1. Individuals can sponsor a child through ‘UDAAN Sponsorship Program’. A regular monthly donation for a particular child can take care of his/her education, Pre vocational training and Occupational Therapy.
      1. Organization can also sponsor a group of children.
      1. Ours Reach One and Teach one Project:
        Our Reach one and Teach one Scheme provides an opportunity to reach one child and rehabilitate them by sponsoring for their education. Each member of your club and employee can contribute Rs.1 day, Rs. 30 a month for the UDAAN children. Employees can authorize the organization to deduct the said amount from his/her salary and donate it to UDAAN on their behalf.
      1. B) Donation Boxes:
      1. Installing:
        Organization can allow keeping a donation box in the premises where employees can make a regular donation. A collection could be made on monthly or bimonthly basis.
      1. Sponsoring:
        Organization can bear the cost of making of donation boxes and put their logo along. These boxes would be placed at various places like hotels, restaurants, showrooms etc. Organization can get promotion for itself through this activity.
      1. C) Kind donation:
      • Computers
      • Office furniture

Study material for Special children And similar items of these kinds The donations made in kind can be relevant to the organization’s industry type and the organization is free to mention these donations in their promotions for image building in front of the stakeholders.

      1. D) Volunteers:
        Your employees can visit the UDAAN Centers and devote their time/ talent for the UDAAN Children.

E) Participate in Ours Charity Events:
You can support us by generating sponsorship for the fund raising events and by purchasing tickets


The Trust: FSMHP, is registered with the Income Tax Department, is regularly audited for IT purposes, has received its Income Tax Permanent Account Number (PAN), and has been granted Income Tax Exemption under 80G of the Income Tax Act.

Donations to “FSMHP” qualify for income tax exemption in India under section 80G of the Income tax Act.

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