Simran Kaur, Mother of ASD child, Adhiraj Singh, Delhi Adhiraj has shown good improvement in terms of eye contact and increased sitting behavior. He can now do written work very well. His following of commands has increased.

Rajashree, Mother of ASD child, Nandita Nair, Delhi Changes I have observed so far is that she is observing people more intently and meaningfully, her understanding has improved tremendously and small things like wearing slippers (left & right interchanged- she used to hardly notice) properly etc. She did have a bout of hyperactivity in between but now she is calmer, more cheerful and compliant. Her OT assessments also showed dramatic changes. I think and hope that I would be seeing better results in the days to come and shall definitely update if any marked changes are observed.

Smita Sen, Mother of ASD child Palash Sen, BangaloreMy son joined UDAAN on 15th May 2012. At the time of joining he was having lot of behavior issues which really were reduced by the efforts put by the therapist at UDAAN. I was previously before coming here was very directionless but now I have got a way to take my son forward. Thanks for the efforts.

Piyush Sanwal, Father of ASD child Shaurya Sanwal, Bharatpur Hyperactivity reduced. Seating developed for 2-3 hrs. Understanding has improved of routine and day-to-day activities. Intelligence has improved, can easily learn and solve puzzles of varying degree of difficulty. Patience is developed and jerk reactions have reduced. Reduced violent behavior as scrathing and biting has reduced significantly. Speech has improved and he can speak 25-30 words now on being prompted.

Madanlal Ghai, father of ASD child Aditya Ghai, NCR My son has shown remarkable improvement in every field, be it counting, identification, his sitting time spam, his focus and concentration.

Amit Gupta, father of an ASD child Atul Gupta, Rajasthan.Improvement has been noticed by us in many areas. Now the concept regarding coloring and identifying various objects is very clear. Till now we were not aware that he can read. The hard work done by the therapist has expressed the reading capacity of my child which is a very pleasant surprise for us.

Sonali Bajaj, Mother of a CP child Krishna Bajaj, Delhi Her toning is better and she has become more active. She now has partial head control. She has started opening her fist. She has started doing weight bearing. I am totally satisfied with the therapist and want to continue her classes.

Madhu Dagar, Mother of Fragile X syndrome child Tajender, Haryana My son has shown improvement in his sitting behavior and communication skills. His hyperactivity has reduced. He has shown good improvement in following of commands.

Preeti Duggal, Mother of ASD child, Karanjot, Delhi Karan was quite hyperactive, but now his sitting behavior has improved and he is settled in one-to-one sessions. He has quiet settled in gatherings.

Farha Deeba, Mother of ASD child Mysha Asif, Bhilai Mysha has shown very good improvement in eye contact. She has shown improvement in sitting behavior and verbal communication.

Dr. Rajshree Sharma, Mother of HBI child, Abhishek Sharma, Bharatpur His convulsions and mouthing have stopped. He is showing improvements in following of commands and mild changes in behavior. His attention towards in mother has increased.

Sunil Poddar, Father of ASD child Rohan Poddar, Delhi Rohan’s sitting behavior has improved. His hyperactivity has reduced. He has shown mild improvement in speech.

Manjula Shukla, Mother of ASD child Manav Shukla, Lucknow Manav’s behavior issues have improved. He has shown very good improvement in cognitive areas and communication skills.

Veena Devi, Mother of C.P. child Bipul Raj, Ranchi Bipul has stopped drooling saliva. He moves his feet freely and has developed independent standing.

Mehrun Beoya, Mother of C.P. child, Mehebuba, Calcutta Mehebuba has shown improvement in neck control. Her sitting has improved. Her muscle tone has increased in lower limb.

Sanjay Kumar, Father of ASD child, Sanath, M.P. Sanath’s Hyperactivity has reduced. He is following commands. He has shown mild improvement in speech and sitting behavior.