Dr. Arun Mukherjee: MBBS, MD (Medicine)

Founder Trustee is a leading Senior Consultant in Internal Medicine in South Delhi, and Sr. Physician at Hamdard University’s Majeedia Hospital since 1991. He directs the medical and toxicological aspects of management of brain repair in ASD and CP children at UDAAN.

He is nationally and internationally recognized as the pioneer and one of the foremost authorities in HBOT for cerebral palsy in India, and has taken pioneering steps to introduce DAN Protocol based biochemical management of Autism Spectrum Disorders into India on a highly scientific evidence based format. He is the main reason why the UDAAN Project came into existence and achieved International fame.

Mr. Nilanjan Bhowal

Managing Trustee Mr. Nilanjan Bhowal is a Sr. Architect & Urban Planner.

He executes Master Plans in India and abroad and is a consultant to MEA, for projects in India and abroad. As a non-medical person, he provides vital inputs on how the world perceives us, and is the key person who is guiding us to establish the UDAAN Building plans.

Mrs. Shubhra Mukherjee

Convener and Founder Trustee of FSMHP and Principal, UDAAN. A Philanthropist and Special Educator, started UDAAN from her own house in 1992, inspired by the difficulties faced by two sisters with severe CP. Her dedication, hard work and perseverance has now transformed what was formerly Shubhra’s School into a Nationally and Internationally recognized institution: UDAAN

Mrs. Aparajita Mukherjee

Founder Trustee Mrs. Aparajita Mukherjee Wyas, BFA, is a Graphic Artist. From the inception of UDAAN, she was actively involved in taking up the cause of UDAAN and popularizing it during the vital first decade of its existence. She maintains her active interest and has a vital role for media management strategies.

MR. Suresh Ahluwalia


Trustee Mr. Suresh Ahluwalia,Vice President- Procurement KPMG India, is a 25 years of Global Sourcing & Procurement Experience. He has been one of the guiding authorities of the management strategies of UDAAN since the last decade.

Sh. B. R Arora

arorajiChief Patron Sh. B.R Arora, He is a constant source of inspiration, guidance and assistance to UDAAN since its very inception.

Dr. Chandra

Trustee Dr. Chandra. He and his team of colleagues have been the main source of funding that got UDAAN going during the formative decade before Government Grants were received. He continues to be a source of help, guidance and funding, along with his team of businesspersons.

Mrs. Krishna Kumar

Trustee Mrs. Krishna Kumar is a Retired teacher, Central School, Delhi. It was her two CP daughters that inspired Mrs, Shubhra to start UDAAN in 1992. She is one of the founders of an association of parents that have started India’s first Home for Spastics at Dwarka, as well as an institution for rehabilitation of CP children at Charmwood Village. She is a constant source of inspiration, guidance and assistance to UDAAN since its very inception.

Mrs.Neela Mazumdar

Trustee Mrs. Neela Mazumdar, a Teacher at Sister Nivedita School at Delhi, is an expert in education of children, besides a trained dancer, singer and painter. She is the soul behind all dramatic and cultural functions undertaken by UDAAN, including the highly successful dance dramas (Ramayan and Selfish Giant) performed by our children in the past.

Mr. Manoj Chatterjee

Trustee Mr. Manoj Chatterjee is one of the most respected and senior Advocates at Delhi High Court. He is associated with many Philanthropic institutions including Mother Teressa’s Missionaries of Charity and SOS Children’s village. He is our legal adivisor, takes a keen interest in our activities and guides us in maintaining our aims and objectives in serving the cause of brain damaged children./