Neural Repair & Neuro Rehabilitation (NR2CON) Conference: INDIA 

An UDAAN Effort to bring together everyone concerned with improving the future prognosis of children with Cerebral Palsy, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Down Syndrome, Mitochondrial Disease and other such neurodevelopmental disabilities.

NR2CON 2007 was held on September 2007 at Delhi, India. We plan to hold our next NR2CON 20?? in the winter, probably New Delhi, India, when feasible (see below).

NR2CON 2007
The 2007 September NR2CON conference at new Delhi, India, was a path breaking effort in India to bring on one platform some of the best in the world on proactive treatment methodologies (as opposed to an exclusive Standard Therapies only-based management principle) for alleviating the disabilities and improving long term prognosis of children with Cerebral Palsy, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and mitochondrial Disorder. (See speakers papers below)

The 2007 NR2CON featured seven International experts and twenty of India's best authorities on the subject discussing the latest techniques on current scenario on Neuro-Developmental Disabilities, very early diagnostic techniques, evaluation techniques for CP and ASD, neural pathways in speech mechanisms, CT/MRI-cum-SPECT based brain scans, Genetics of Developmental Disabilities, modern techniques on Rehabilitation including Sensory Integration for CP and Autism, Alternative Augmentative Communication, computer assisted speech techniques, the What-How-When-Why of HBOT for CP / ASD / Mitochondrial Disorder, DAN Protocol, MB12 usage, Chelation,  Computer Assisted Biofeedback in neuroparalytic disorders, nerve block, place and role of surgery, surgical and cochlear implants, and details on the unique UDAAN Multimode Therapy Research project for children with CP and Autism.

NR2CON 20??
We now look forward to NR2CON 2010.
We are in the midst of an effort to start a comprehensive Biochemical project to improve the quality of life of small (2 to 6 years old) children with Autism Spectrum as practised by DAN Protocol users. The matter is under consideration of Government Regulatory authorities, and is held up by bureacratic delays in granting permission. Once that is through, we will annouce the dates of our next NR2CON.
That proposed future conference will feature latest advances in diagnosis, evaluation and Standard as well as Medical and surgical management of CP, ASD, and other neurodevelopmental Disabilities by a galaxy of International Authorities, backed by Indian Researchers who have themselves carried out long term research on new methods of
medical intervention, backed by proper scientific data, using innovative methodologies developed by the authors, in such a spectrum of disorders. 

The exact date and venue have not yet been finalized. Once that is done and put up on this page, call for papers will be announced (Indian and Foreign).
MUST have graduated from a recognized institution with a recognized degree for the specialty they represent, with registration under MCI (for doctors), RCI or other appropriate Regulatory / Licensing Authority.
All authors MUST have done the research themselves
We are not interested in review lectures based compilation of published data of other workers.
Selection of papers will be done by the UDAAN Panel of Specialists, and their decision will be final and binding.

Last Updated 27 May, 2009

NR2CON 2007

An Eye-Opener to all who attended. .(Some sample letters)..
A Big Mistake for those who didn't.

Persons behind the successful NR2CON 2007: TEAM UDAAN

UDAAN NR2CON 2007 was supported By

Ms. Kavita Uberoi | Mr. Mohan Shukla |  Dr. Kunwar Singh  | Mr. Nilanjan Bhowal  
Mr. S. Ghosh | Kadwarkars  | Ms. Sangeeta Srivastava

and many others.

NR2CON 2007 was Convened by:
UDAAN and INDIRA, Premier Rehabilitation Projects of FSMHP at Delhi
Indian Academy of Pediatrics Delhi Chapter
Dept. of Medicine, Hamdard University, Delhi

NR2CON 2007
In alphabetical order.

Dr. Anjali Joshi

Dr. Arun Mukherjee & Dr. Ajay Kumar

Dr. Bernard Brucker

Dr. Dan Rossignol

Dr. James Neubrander

Dr. Kavita Arora

Dr. Michael Uszler

Dr. Nandini Chatterjee Singh

Dr. Pierre Marois

Dr. Pratibha Karanth

Dr. Praveen Suman

Dr. Sobhan Saha

Dr. Sudha Kaul

Dr. Usha Grover

Ms. Manisha Lad

Ms. Shannon Kenitz

The following two files by
Dr. Paul Harch are complete slide series and about 10 Mb each.
You need a high speed broadband to see the files, or be prepared to wait while they download.

Dr. Paul Harch: What is HBOT

Dr. Paul Harch: HBOT in CP and ASD


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